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Catwalk 3D

Is it worth paying some good money to see fashion shows in 3D in a cinema when you can watch the videos for free at and such? Well yesterday I decided to find out. The movie Catwalk 3D is said to be the first in this format, displaying five haute couture shows from the winter 2010/2011 shows. interspersed with designer interviews and some backstage images. As for someone who has never, and probably never will, seen a haute couture show live, I would say that this cinematic format really is the second best thing. You come much closer to the garments and the models and me and my friend repeatedly found ourselves being stunned by the details, the cut and overall visual impact, something you don’t really experience on small screens and in magazines. To be honest just seeing Jean Paul Gaultier’s amaaazing show, with Dita von Teese as an added bonus, was alone worth the price of the tickets.

As for the 3D-thingie – it helps elevate the experience, but it wasn’t that present, in fact sometimes you didn’t notice at all. It wasn’t like the models were coming out of the screen so to speak, the 3D-effects mostly added some depth to the shows.

Do I think this is the future? I dunno, don’t think it is that commercially viable right now, but if (when) 3D becomes common place in tv and computer screens, then maybe this will be standard way of displaying fashion shows. I think the Burberry is already experimenting with this, and perhaps some more designers? Anyhow it was a fun 66 minutes and I left the cinema feeling both stunned and inspired.

Catwalk 3D trailer

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