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Knip Mode Wool Cardigan

I’ve been slowly returning to sewing after a pretty long hiatus after we finished the Fit for Knits book. It’s easy to get a bit burnt out when sewing is also your profession and I’ve been craving to make actual clothes to wear, rather than creating content things for books and such.

This pattern is an old Knip Mode Magazine pattern from July 2016 that I’ve made two versions of before.

I splurged on the fabric, it’s a double-faced wool knit from Armani (!) that I got from a local store that specialises in high-end designer fabrics from Italian fashion houses (Italienska modetyger).

Totally worth the investment if you ask me. Working hard on a project only to have the fabric disintegrate after a few washes and wear is such a letdown, right?

I added pockets that are inserted in the side and mid-front seams, the same method that I use for my Eivy cardigan pattern. If you have a similar pattern, you can add the pockets following my simple tutorial for adding pockets to a cardigan.

Love the pockets! I’m one of those people who put pockets on everything when I sew 🙂

The “shawl collar” on this pattern is just a simple folded rectangle that is attached to the mid-front seam. So easy to sew, yet looks pretty elegant, don’t you think?

The hem is done with the sewing machine blind stitch, my preferred method for hemming thicker knits.

The pattern also has bust darts, which really adds fantastic shaping. If you are intimidated by sewing darts on knits, check out my easy step-by-step tutorial for how to do it well.

I think the cardigan turned out so well, and the fabric is such a stunner! Plus the wool is warm yet light and soft to wear, which is a nice bonus!

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