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La Mia Boutique – first impressions

La Mia Boutique

I purchased my first issue of the Italian pattern magazine La Mia Boutique a couple a days ago (the October issue). In Sweden La Mia Boutique is readily available in most larger magazine stores, which is probably the reason why I haven’t bought it until now. The thing is that I’m more likely to covet something if it requires a vast amount of researching and involves obscure Ebay sellers from far off countries. It’s probably the same reason why I have only bought one issue of Patrones since it became available in Sweden last year. Somehow the luster seem to get lost when they suddenly are everywhere.

Anyhow, enough about my shopping dysfunctions and over to the review:

The setup of LMB is similar to Burda – i.e. multi pattern sheets without seam allowances. Another similarity that they share is the non-pictorial, bare minimum instructions. LMB actually reminds me of the old school Burda, before it’s fashionista makeover. Back in the old days Burda used to be more like a generic women magazine, apart from patterns there was also stuff like recipes and beauty product reviews. LMB still has some of that, as well as a monthly horoscope!

As for the styles in LMB, there is a good range, everything from elegant lady wear to younger styles with stuff like visible seams and cool trimmings to a really nice looking plus size collection. In the October issue there are 39 styles, mostly unique ones – unlike Burda who tends to reuse many of the patterns several times in each issue. Most patterns comes in four sizes. The aesthetic is definitely southern Europe, fitted with a lot of shaping seams and there is a little bit of dramatic flare in some styles. As for the “fashion degree” in LMB, it’s a bit lower than Burda’s and Patrones.
Here are a few styles that stands out to me:

La Mia Boutique
This coat is gorgeus, I love ribbed knit details on outerwear. But the way the sample is made annoys me a bit. The sleeves are clearly machine knitted especially for this coat, there are decreasing rows at the sleeve cap and the hem is not sewed.
I think this practice it’s misleading, instead they should make the sample the same way us home sewers will since the instructions calls for placing the sleeve pattern on knit fabric and cutting it the regular way.
Still it’s a gorgeous coat.

La Mia Boutique

This jersey top I will make. It has some really cool details and I like jersey tops that are constructed like regular shirts.

La Mia Boutique

This plus size knit dress is beautiful. Although one can’t really tell from the photo, it’s constructed in a very nice way that I think could be very flattering on most body types.

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