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Q&A about Sewing Jeans’ global availability

Thank you for the incredible reception I have gotten since I announced to you yesterday that you can now pre-order my book Sewing Jeans: The complete step-by-step guide. I have already gotten so many emails saying you have ordered my book, which makes me beyond grateful. Thank you!

Many of you have also asked about global availability for my book since the pre-order only works with Amazon US and UK. I totally get this, and I wish I had more options to offer currently, but it is out of my hands, unfortunately.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, meaning that a commission is earned from qualifying purchases.

But since many of you have questions about this and other book-related things, I’ve compiled a little FAQ to give answers to any questions that you might have,

Will I be able to buy the book in Canada, Australia, Netherlands (or other countries outside the UK and US) once the book is out?

Yes! After the book is published, Amazon will ship to more countries, plus I will have access to a global print-on-demand service that do small print runs after you place your order, for instance, the company I’m working with have a printing facility in Australia and in several other locations around the world. 

Why can’t I pre-order from Canada, Australia, Netherlands (or other countries outside UK and US)?

Short answer: The distributor I’m working with only have accounts with Amazon UK and Amazon US (their two biggest markets) and I need access to that special account to set up a pre-order. But I’m trying to persuade them to expand since I get so many requests from you about this 😊 

Long answer: Book distribution is an incredibly hard, expensive and potentially risky thing to take on (if the distributor goes out of business they will have all my money, since those are the ones getting paid by Amazon and other book stores, and then they send the money to me). 

And I can’t ship the books myself since postage from Sweden is crazy expensive unless you are a multimillion business with shipping accounts. Plus I have a day-job still, so time is another factor.

I do want to find a North America based distributor too that could send books to more book shops, but so far I have not managed to find a good fit. But I’m making another attempt in the fall, fingers crossed.

So hopefully with my next book, I will have even better reach, even at the pre-order stage.

I live in Northern Europe (Norden), can I order the book straight from you? 

I am looking into it, but I already have several online shops in Northen Europe selling my books, so Sewing Jeans will be readily available here after the release date, so again time, space and money are things that I have to consider before I take on shipping myself. 

Will there be a Kindle version of Sewing Jeans? 

Yes, you can buy it here! I also recently had my books Sewing Activewear and Master the Coverstitch Machine converted to Kindle (Amazon affiliate links). s. But you can buy the ebook straight from my own shop and that is a pdf-version that also works in the Kindle app (and is cheaper than on Amazon)

I would love to order Sewing Jeans as an ebook bundle along with your other books, will that be available?

Yes, once the book is out I will bundle them up as both a duo and a trio, so you can mix and match to get your favourite combo at a really great price. I will also set up the same on Kindle eventually.

Gratitude and moving forward

When I began creating my first book Sewing Activewear, I only envisioned it to be an ebook. But I got so many requests from you for print, so I made that happen with the help of Amazon’s own print service. 

Since then I’ve tried to level up for each release, increasing distribution and doing proper print runs, where I order like 2000 books (scary!) and then hope that they will sell (they have 😊 phew).

But it’s still a massive hurdle and I can’t compete (yet!) with the big book companies who have much better systems for distribution and wholesalers. 

But all that said, I feel blessed that I’m living in current times, where I am, at least in some form, is able to offer my books to almost everyone, regarding where in the world you live. And for every book, I learn a few new tricks so that I can improve things like the ones I talk about in this blog post.

Thank you so much for your support and your patience! Now I’m off to finish the last pages of the book. Hugs!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, meaning that a commission is earned from qualifying purchases.


  • Angela
    June 20, 2020 at 2:33 am

    You mentioned your “next book” – do you have a title/subject already in the works?

    • Johanna Lundström
      June 20, 2020 at 8:34 am

      Yes, I actually have four more book ideas, that I feel aren’t quite served in the current crop of sewing books 🙂

  • Summerflies
    June 20, 2020 at 4:29 am

    Joanna, I am so surprised that some book publishers have not contacted you directly to so a deal. I see some sewing bloggers that have been approached over the years and IMHO they aren’t a patch on your professional approach, detailed information and the most important, they are just covering the same basic things that have been covered before but maybe with modern colours but they are basically covering stuff for novices, or a one trick pony like a tunic and 100 different ways to do it. I’ll wait till I can get in in Australia and wish you all the best.

    • Johanna Lundström
      June 20, 2020 at 8:46 am

      Thank you for your incredibly kind words about my work, that means so much to hear. Maybe I’m not aspirational (or young) enough to be offered a book deal? And I agree with you that many book publishers are thinking very short term when they are creating very similar concepts over and over, and they aren’t always commercially viable either. When one looks at the Sewing book best seller list on Amazon for instance, most books there are instructional, not “sew a simple pattern in five different ways”.
      Now some of these books have done very well, but that market space is very saturated. Plus as you say, there are so many books geared towards beginners, but intermediate to advanced sewists are very underserved when it comes to newer books, so that’s a space I am happy to serve.

  • Melissa
    June 20, 2020 at 1:13 pm

    I’m looking forward to your book becoming available in Australia. Just before the pandemic started I requested my local library buy your Coverstitch book as I like to see a book before I purchase. I wasn’t sure they would however our library just reopened and I have a brand new book to read! I’ll now happily order future books without seeing at this level of quality instruction.

  • Eva Finne
    April 11, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Hej Johanna!
    Jag blir så glad och inspirerad (och att få det ännu mer välgjort har du sporrat mig mig☺️😊🌱✂️) när jag ser dina Youtube videos och 👖 Jeans boken skall jag beställa nu!
    Tack för allt du delar med oss av det du gör och du gör det så bra! 🧵🪡👖👚
    / e_finne664 på ig
    Ha en riktigt fin vår!


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