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Sewing meetup and shopping in Barcelona

When I announced that I was going to spend a week in Barcelona, the wonderful fellow sewing blogger Esther offered to meet up and show me some fabric stores. And luckily we managed to set a date up. We began our excursion with a long lunch talking about all things sewing, it’s the best conversation topic, right? It is so nice to meet like minded people and get to chat about our special interest.

We talked about everything from pattern magazines and sewing machines to our personal sewing journeys and the current sewing trends in our home countries. Esther lived in Sweden for a bit and spoke Swedish so well!

Then Esther took me the very impressive Ribes & Casals which has a huge selection of fabrics.

I ended up buying this eyelet fabric, I normally gravitate towards more elaborate eyelets with embroidery, but there was something about the simplicity of the pattern that I found very attractive.

The next day I spotted this Chanel blouse in Vogue España, which is pretty much the exact same fabric as the one I bought. So now I can make myself a Chanel resort 2017 knock-off shirt!

Pretty much next door there was another fabric store called Tejidos Donna . Here I forgot to take photos, but it was a nice shop with a very good selection of knit fabrics and notions.  Didn’t buy anything here though.

Then we talked and walked some more before I had to leave for to go to the Primavera music festival. It was a wonderful afternoon and I feel so blessed being part of an international sewing community.


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  • Annene
    June 8, 2017 at 3:38 am

    Wha a nice get away! I love eyelet. Waiting to see what you make with it.


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