September Sewing Bits

September 10, 2019 1 Comment

In this month’s round-up post I have a little sneak peek of my first ever garment sewing pattern, a tip on how to refashion old shirts, plus a curated collection of my sewing essentials! Turning old shirts into lining I’m…

A Fresh Start

September 7, 2019 17 Comments

Fall can mean a fresh start, and in my case, this is very true this year. As I’ve mentioned in passing previously, I’m currently taking a little break from my day-job so that I can focus fully on my sewing…

August Sewing Bits

August 9, 2019 6 Comments

August is going to be a busy month for me, as I’m gearing up for some big changes, and sometimes (or often!) it feels like I’m in a little over my head. But it’s also really exciting, so let’s take…

June Sewing Bits

June 26, 2019 19 Comments

June has been a very intense month for me, especially since I’m in a transitional phase in my life and, like most people, I don’t handle stress well. But I try to view it as growing pains, which bring me…

May sewing bits

May 7, 2019 2 Comments

May means lots of light here in Sweden, and it’s nice to able to sew in daylight for a while. Good light really makes a huge difference, especially when I’m cutting the pieces since I don’t have very good lights…

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