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Video: Sew Your Best Leggings Ever

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Learn how to sew professional-looking leggings using these simple tips that will make a big difference to the end result. I’ve focused on the tips that aren’t included in most leggings sewing pattern instructions, so even if you already have a good pattern, the tips in this video will hopefully still be very valuable.

And if you want to dive even deeper into the topic of sewing leggings, I highly recommend checking out my Aila Leggings Sew-Along which has very detailed step-by-step info on how to sew amazing-looking and well-fitting leggings.

Things mentioned in the video:

Sewing clips/Wonder Clips

Small ones: Clover Wonder Clips
Larger ones: Clover Jumbo Clips
Budget clips option (Clover are great, but they cost a bit)
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My Sewing Activewear resource page

My book Sewing Activewear

Download my free Quick Guide to Sewing Activewear


My Aila leggings sewing pattern

List of sewing pattern companies that do activewear patterns

I hope that you found this video useful! I have begun to collaborate on the video editing side to save me some time, and we are currently trying to figure out a nice format for these tutorials, and I also need to create a good filming flow that doesn’t kill me, so to speak. This was my first attempt with this new workflow and I learned a ton.

I’m also trying to improve my English voice-over skills, so please give me some feedback on that if you like. It’s surprisingly hard to get a good flow of words when doing a voice-over in a non-native langue. It’s much easier when I just speak off-the-cuff, like in a conversation, but with a tutorial voice-over, one does need more structure to make sure the learning is effective for the viewer.

So I need to practise this skill, especially since I want to create video sewing classes in the future. But with every video, it gets a little bit easier!

Aila Leggings Sew-Along

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