Video: Fastest Way To Assemble PDF Sewing Patterns?

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Hey, we all love piecing together dozens of pages of pdf patterns, right? (wink). So maybe you have wondered if there is a faster and better way of doing this? To figure this answer out once and for all, I put four pdf pattern methods to the test, with a timer and all, so that I could give you a definitive answer on this burning question!

In the video, I also asked about cutting and glue stick suggestions, and I got some great suggestions in the comments on my YouTube channel.

For glueing that stays put, the UHU brand of glue stick (Amazon affiliate link) is apparently the way to go, with the caveat that one has to act fairly quickly since once it’s dry, the paper will be hard to remove (but that’s also why it’s so good I can imagine)

For cutting, many liked to use a rotary cutter rather than scissors as it speeds up the time considerably.

Another option is to invest in a cutting tool, several recommended the Fiskars range of trimmers, which was more reasonably priced than I had expected (Amazon affiliate link)

What method of pdf assembly do you prefer? And do have more tips to share to make this process faster and maybe even more fun!

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  • Ann
    October 16, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    I am using a old Rotary cutter and lineal to clip the edges, faster and more accurate.


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