Video: Sew efficiently! How to optimise your sewing workflow

My best tips and tricks on how to sew more efficiently and also minimising the risk of sewing mistakes. And yes, some of these tips will also make you sew much faster if that’s something you want to accomplish.

Personally, I’m all about slow, mindful sewing, but I still think it’s very important to have an efficient workflow, it just makes sewing more fun!

Tips mentioned in the video
• How to speed up pattern fitting using templates

• How to optimise your cutting space and process

• How to label and store the cut fabric pieces to avoid mistakes

• How to prep your sewing machines for more efficient sewing

• When you can skip overcasting your fabric pieces

• How to sew in batches without stopping

Plus plenty more tips. And if you check out the video on YouTube, you’ll find some amazing tips from fellow sewists in the comments.

Things mentioned in the video

My Ikea Hack Sewing and Cutting Table

My sewing routine (video)

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