How to achieve razor sharp patch pockets:

Getting the corners on jeans patch pockets looking even and crisp can be quite difficult, but with the help of paper templates the process becomes really simple and quick.

Razor Sharp Patch Pockets

Step 1. A paper template is basically the pattern piece with the seam allowance trimmed off. The template should be made out of thick paper, like the cardboard you can find on the back of notepads. Place the template on top of the pocket piece and on an iron board.

Step 2. Press in the seam allowances using the template as a guide. Loads of steam and pressure is recommended to make the press stay.

Step 3. The opening should then be folded twice and top stitched.

Step 4. Top stitch the upper fold with thick thread in the upper spool and regular thread in the bobbin. A special top stitch needle is highly recommended.

Step 5. For good measure press again. As you hopefully can see this pocket looks really crisp and because of this there is no need to baste before attaching the pocket. Just a couple of pins is all you need. This works for pockets in knits as well, but then I use some spray starch to secure the shape.

The end result. I made the inner side of the pocket a little slanted to give it a more interesting shape. The cross stitch tack is used as a substitute for rivets. Psst. I’ve also done a video tutorial on this method

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