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My copy of a Carven skirt

The original Carven skirt.

My copy of the skirt.

A favorite pastime of mine is prowling around  Net-a-Porter doing some eye shopping and hopefully finding something that I can use as an inspiration for my own sewing projects. When I saw this wool Carven skirt I instantly knew that it was made for me. It’s like someone read my taste DNA and then designed this. It is hard to explain exactly what it is, perhaps it is the slightly vintage, almost naval feel that I respond so well to. Anyways I just felt an instant kinship with the design. So I set about to do a copy.

Quite a tricky feat I must say, those slit pockets took a lot of brain power to figure out how to construct. And while the end result is not exactly the same, it is close enough for me.

The pockets are basically the upper part of the kick pleats and not what I would call functional, at least not in my version. The slit opening is almost as deep as the pockets, so while I can fit a phone or keys in there I wouldn’t risk it!

The only regret I have is that tried to be frugal and used a cotton twill that I had in my stash instead of going for a finer fabric such as wool. The twill wrinkles and is almost impossible to press to perfection. So the fabric doesn’t quite to the design justice. But apart from that I love this skirt, just wish that I had come up with the design myself!


  • Jenny
    October 18, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Wow! What an amazing skirt! Good for you figuring out those pockets. Love this!


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