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Video: Guide to Activewear Fabrics

Picking the right type of fabric when sewing activewear is huge when it comes to the end result. And there are so many to choose from! In order to make your decision easier, I’ve made a video about the different types of activewear fabrics available and how and when to use them, depending on the activity, the garment you are making and weather conditions.

The video is based on a chapter about fabrics in my book Sewing Activewear, and in the book, I talk even more in-depth about this topic and how to understand the various fabric properties.

I have also compiled an international list of activewear fabric sellers and if you have any more suggestions, drop me a note. The list is still very North America/Eurocentric and I would love to have sellers from all continents on the list.

And if you want to learn even more about activewear fabrics, check out The ultimate guide to activewear fabrics with lots of excellent tips from vendors specialising in activewear fabrics.

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