5 Quick DIY Holiday Gifts

Want to give the ones you love something handmade this year? Gifts that don’t require a lot of time or effort? Then I have some excellent DIY gift ideas that you can sew quickly and are sure to impress.

Sew a pair of mittens

You can sew a pair of mittens in less than an hour with my Tova Mittens Sewing Pattern and you even Turn an Old Sweater into Mittens for an eco-friendly and hand-knitted look. 

Check out all my mittens sewing tutorials.

Sew a hat

Making a hat or beanie as a gift is the perfect scrapbuster. Plus it’s something useful, which are the best gifts if you ask me!

I have 4 Sewing PDF Patterns For Knit Hats that can all be sewn in less than an hour.

Plus you can turn an old sweater into a beanie, and everyone will think you knitted it.

Also, check out my knit hat sewing tutorials.

Make a Turtleneck Bib

Turtleneck bib, or dickies as they are also known, has made a big comeback lately. So why not sew one yourself, which is way quicker than knitting one.

DIY Turtleneck Bib Tutorial

DIY Runner Belt

The perfect gift to active friends. This expandable runner belt is super easy to make. No pattern is required and you can use leftover notions and fabric scraps.  

How To Make a Running Belt (Illustrated Step-By-Step Tutorial + Video)

Sew a simple buff

Making a tubular scarf is such a useful and versatile gift. Check out my step-by-step tutorials for how to sew a quick and chafe-free buff.

Serger Buff Tutorial

Sewing Machine Buff Tutorial

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewist, these handmade gifts are sure to bring joy and warmth to your loved ones. And why not make some of these for yourself too.

Happy Holidays and a Crafty New Year 🧵

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