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Wedding dress update

I am on the second and hopefully last muslin of the wedding dress. The first muslin was done straight from the envelope and fit her surprisingly well. It was just a bit too tight in the back + she wanted the skirt longer and the corset flat and not curved. So what you see on the dummy here is pretty much what the dress will look like. Though the dummy is not the same size as she is, plus she is pretty tall, so it doesn’t show the fit properly.

The pattern is Simplicity 4070 and I have only good things to say about it so far. The proportions are great – a very classic non fussy shape and it runs pretty true to measurements.

Oh and bride-to-be had a ribbon mishap. She ordered some green batik silk ribbon from one of the US suppliers, it looked great on the site, but the green colour was super bright, not earthy at all like the original ribbon. I had a look at it too and it was just plain wrong, unfortunately. So she is going to order more samples now.

Now the big challenge begins. We are going fabric shopping soon and I will buy the Susan Khajle Bridal Couture cd book too. I got a chance to browse Melissa’s copy and it was very impressive. I won’t go wild on the couture bit though, I will simplify some of the steps to keep my sanity. I will roll serge the lining hem for instance and I won’t be aligning the lace pattern with every seam on the corset top, since it will take up more expensive lace and add a lot of work I suspect. Most ready to wear dresses that I have seen doesn’t align the lace either. But if you want to go the whole hog Susan Khajle will definitely show you the way!


  • anilin
    May 11, 2010 at 8:55 am

    I would dye the silk ribbon green. Then you could get the same muted coulour.

  • Johanna
    May 11, 2010 at 9:37 am

    >>Anilin: That is an option we have discussed too. I agree it could totally be worth a shot, but she has found a silk ribbon supplier now that will try to find a matching shade for her.


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