Live: Pattern making

- Pattern drafting, Video

On Sunday I’m doing a new liveshow on YouTube. The topic is pattern making, the one sewing related thing that I actually have a diploma in! Topics I plan to cover in the livestream How I learned to draft my own patterns The basics of pattern making How I draft my patterns, by hand vs computer The difference between drafting a sloper and using blocks My favourite pattern making books Common pitfalls when drafting patterns And plenty more! Plus answer…

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Burdastyle drape dress 2008-04-117

- Made by me

Can one label one’s own sewing project a pièce de résistance? If so I would like to give this credit to this particular item in my winter wardrobe a Burdastyle knit dress with a draped bodice. To be honest, the pattern itself is quite easy to make, but I think that the fabric really elevates the dress and makes it into something special. The pattern is from Burdastyle issue nr 2008-04-117, so almost 10 years old. I’m so happy that I…

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Video: Help I’m sewing a tailored jacket

- Video, work in progress

After doing a few fairly quick and easy makes lately I’m about to embark on a really time-consuming project again. It’s a project that has been on my bucket list for over a year and now I finally have lined up all the ducks in a row. I’m making a tailored jacket to precise, using a pattern from Burdastyle August 2017 issue.   I got my hands on a very fine British tweed from Croft Mills and some gorgeous notions…

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How to sew a neckline on a twist top

- Sewing knits, Tutorials

This is my favourite method to sew necklines on knit tops that have a seam mid-front, such as twist tops and those with gathers in the seam. I’ve adapted this method from Burda’s instructions for these kinds of designs and since Burdastyle magazine instructions usually lack illustrations I thought it would be helpful to do a tutorial to show you how it’s done. The principle of how it works: The back neckline has a folded strip of fabric attached that is turned…

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Watch and listen to me today!

- Life of Johanna

Yes, I am kinda all over the place today! Firstly I’m interviewed on the Love to Sew podcast, in which I share tips about sewing activewear, my book Sewing Activewear, the realities of being a sewing content creator, what it’s like to sew in Sweden, and plenty more. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I hope sound okay! When the hosts asked me about Swedish pattern designers I got a bit stumped, as we don’t have any internationally known…

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My winter makes: A Burdastyle sewing bonanza!

- Made by me, Video

So let’s take a look at my latest makes – a winter wardrobe using four different Burdastyle patterns. I worked off and on on this wardrobe for about two months and it’s always a such a sense of relief and to put it all together and see that I actually managed to make it all happen! Also in this video, I go all in when it comes to knowledge nuggets, such as how to interface eyelet fabrics, how to not…

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