Video: Sewing Activewear Plans + Join My #stitchactivewear Sew-Along

In March I’m hosting an activewear sew-along #stitchactitvewear and of course, I’m planning to make some garments myself as well. So in this video, I share all about my plans which has me remaking (and improving!) some old faves, including a workout top with a built-in bra that I loved until it fell apart. I’m also making a pair of Aila leggings using the same fabric that I did for one of my samples while developing the pattern.

Speaking of the Aila leggings, there will be very in-depth sew-along on the blog for the Aila in March if you want to join, where I expand on a lot of bonus info, such as stretch stitches, fabric choices, notions and of course photographed step-by-step instructions.

Now the Aila pattern sewing instructions are already very detailed for being a leggings sewing pattern, but I’ve managed to come up with even more useful info for the sew-along. And of course, you’ll be able to follow along and learn lots of things even if you are sewing another leggings pattern in March. Or are sewing with stretchy knit fabrics in general.

The #stitchactivewear sew-along set-up

  1. Sew a piece of activewear during March
  2. Use the hashtag #stitchactivewear on Instagram or YouTube if you want to showcase your makes and let us follow along on your sewing activewear journey. If you like you can tag me as well, I’m @laststitch on Instagram
  3. If you don’t have my book Sewing Activewear (yet!), sign up to get my free Sewing Activewear Quick Guide with lots of tips to get you started.
  4. Get 15% off from the ebook version of Sewing Activewear, the Aila leggings pattern, the Aila/Velo pattern bundle and the Aila/Sewing Activewear book bundle until March 31 by using the code stitchactivewear
    Use this link to get the 15% discount automatically applied when you click the Check Out button. 

Other things mentioned in the video

My Built-In Bra Tutorial

All my Sewing Activewear Resources (fabrics, patterns, tutorials, books etc)

Hope you want to join me in March and stitch up some activewear!

Aila Leggings Sew-Along


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